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We,Balavigna Wvg.M'ls (Pr) Ltd.,are one of the leading Textile Manufacturer who has specialised in various type of ''Lycra'' Cored Stretch Woven Fabrics like Cotton Lycra, Polyster Lycra, Nylon Lycra and it blends during last several years in India.Balavigna is Now Certified For 100% Organic Woven Fabrics And Organic Exchanges That is 'GOTS and OE THRO' CONTROL UNION CERTIFICATION OF SKAL INTERNATIONAL.In the belief that high quality is a unique stratergy in order to rise in the International market,we have focused on the high quality and various product development and exhaustive quality control in each process.

We desire you to take a chance of growing with the Balavigna,the young and Effulgent company in trust with each other.